High End Barbershop

There’s nothing extra-ordinary about a barbershop – unless it’s HIGH END. The chairs may have changed over time, but to those who sit in them, our core philosophy remains the same – service each customer as if it were the first time earning their business.

While embracing the nostalgia of the old days, we distinguish ourselves from other “barbershops” with the individual care and emphasis placed on customer service. The moment you book your appointment, your experience with High End Barbershop begins, and doesn’t end until we hear the words “I really like it”. Our Master Barbers are experts in their craft and are fully vetted with combined experience amassing over 50 years.

Anyone can have a customer, but not everyone can have a client. We invite you to book your appointment online today and experience High End – one thing is certain, you will be back.

High End Barbershop Team

360 tour

Wouldn’t life be much easier if we could just “test drive” everything first? Well today you can – our 360° tour provides you with an inside look at our Barbershop and Men’s Grooming Lounge. All that’s missing is YOU – book your appointment online TODAY.