• Haircut terminology explained

    Haircut Terminology Explained

    Taper vs Fade Most barbers use the terms taper or fade interchangeably, but the truth is, there is a slight difference between a fade and taper. A fade haircut blends down to the skin, while…

  • Understanding Hair terminology

    Common Haircut Terminology

    Before you can describe the haircut you want, you’ll first have to learn a few barber terms. Barbers have their own language, and if you want to get a good haircut, you’ll have to learn…

  • mens eyebrows the best way to trim them

    The Only Way To Trim Your Eyebrows

    Many men don’t know what to do with their eyebrows. Apart from plucking or shaving stray hairs in the middle, they don’t do much. Most men, however, should be trimming them every so often so…

  • tame those hairy man hands

    Tame Your Hairy Man Hands

    Not everyone wants to shake hands with an ape. Some of us are cursed with Sasquatch hands (true, but alarming). It’s a real problem, since hands are usually one of the first things people notice about you. …

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