• All Men should go to the barber shop

    Why Every Man Should Go To The Barber

    A barber knows how to cut a man’s hair. If you’re like most men these days, you’re probably going to some unisex chain salon. Most of the time, you walk out of these places with a…

  • summer hair

    Taking Care of Your Hair This Summer

    How to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer We tend to be more active during summer and expose more of ourselves outside, so it’s important to look after your hair as much as your…

  • why men should moisturize after shaving

    Men and Moisturizer

    Shaving removes more than hair… When you shave, as well as removing stubble, the razor blades also remove some thin layers of old and dead skin from what is called the stratum corneum, which is the top part of…

  • beard rules

    Rules to Grow and Train Your Beard

    A beard is a sign of distinction that can accentuate your masculine facial features and make you stand out. Also, a properly trained beard can be a chick magnet. Women rate men with beards as…

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