Is Your Skin “Sensitive” From Shaving?

hot towel shave

The Cause of Men’s Sensitive Skin

For over 200 years men have visited barbershops for shaves, with even the poorest in society often going to a barber once or twice a week for a shaving service to help maintain a well groomed look which was often seen as more desirable to an employer. It was viewed as the mark of a gentleman, with the wealthier in society being shaved daily.

With the development of modern technology and introduction of safety razors and electrical razors, the shaving market dramatically changed, with a noted steady decline being seen as the popularity in new modern methods rose and men no longer needed to visit a barber to acquire a clean shave.

However, with the popularity of modern razors there also became an increase in male skin problems due to many men being incorrectly trained in the art of the professional wet shaving technique. Did you know that 60% of men classify their skin as sensitive? This is not true. The number is much closer to 15% of men that actually have sensitive skin. By shaving incorrectly men are causing unknown damage to their skin both short and long term. Not shaving correctly, your skin becomes more sensitive which then exposes your skin to more bacteria and increases the risk of spots/skin inflammation. Men are stripping away the natural protective barrier through incorrect technique and unknowingly changing their skin type to “sensitive”.

The answer…

Hot Towel Shave

We believe you can not beat a traditional Hot Towel Shave, the benefits are massive and highly noticeable. Apart from the fact that it is a great experience, it’s great for your skin. The shave is much closer than you are likely to achieve in front of the bathroom mirror and most men regard it as their own version of a skin maintenance program. There are 7 steps to complete one of our luxury hot towel shaves. All of the steps are equally important and ensure that the skin is left in the best condition when leaving High End Barbershop.  Make sure to call or book your appointment online today.