Finding the Right Barber

Long live the days where walking into your neighborhood barbershop meant getting great customer service, finding brotherhood, gaining generational wisdom, and all for a reasonable price. Since traditional barbering has since evolved beyond the scissors and clippers era and as new technologies emerge, finding the right barber for your hair needs has become a little bit more complicated.

Here are some things to consider:

Do Your Research

To find a great barber in your area, you’ll need to do your homework.  Check out their social media pages and style portfolio. Online reviews and personal recommendations are a great place to start, but don’t be afraid to pick up that phone and conduct an interview.  Does the shop specialize in men, how much experience do the stylists have, and what’s their process for cutting hair?  If they sound like they will be a good fit go ahead and make the appointment.

Does The Barber Ask Questions?

Considering all hair isn’t grown the same, does the barber ask questions about your hair? Do they want to know what types of products you use? Are they curious about styles you’ve gotten in the past? Do they suggest different techniques that would work best for you? If you’ve answered yes to all of those questions, chances are this barber is going to take his/her time on you. You want your barber to be willing to take the time to give you the best haircut possible.  If they are rushing through and cutting corners you will want to look elsewhere.  A good barber will also ask for feedback throughout the haircut to make sure you are getting the length and look you want.

Build Relationship with Your Barber

Some say that finding the right barber is like finding the right girlfriend. If you’re looking for a solid barber who’s up on all the latest techniques from dye jobs, the extensions, establishing trust takes some time. Walking into a chain barbershop for a $10 haircut in 10mins won’t give you the same experience as finding a traditional barber who you can add to your speed dial when you’re looking rough. If you’re thinking about trying a barber but feel uneasy about trusting a new guy with your hair, start out small. Instead of having your hair completely redone, have the barber shape it up, straighten your hairline, or make your beard a little neater. Any barber who’s skilled with clippers and a pair of scissors can do this in their sleep, and if he fumbles through the process then that’s a major red flag. And since you’re just getting your hair shaped up, you don’t have to worry about any major changes to your appearance if he’s subpar.