Tips To Keep Your Hair Up All Day

It really is possible to keep your hair up all day. Follow these easy tips so your hair doesn’t move or drop!

We’ve all been there, you create the perfect pomp or quiff hairstyle and by the time you leave the house, your hair has dropped your style has gone.


The foundation to any good hairstyle is a great haircut. If your hair is too long or too thick, it will drop and fall.

  • Keep the length in the front of the hair, working shorter as you move back.
  • If your hair is especially thick, consider having it thinned to remove some of the weight.


There’s two parts to preparation; 1. having clean hair and; 2. using a pre-styling product.


If you’re hair is dirty or saturated from day-old hair product, it will be heavy and unable to style.

Even just washing your hair with water will remove a lot of the product and freshen your hair for styling.


For hair that will stay up all day, consider using a pre-styling product.

A pre-styling product will help to build the foundation of your hairstyle. From there, you can use another product to really define and add structure to the hair.

  • Use a hair product that uses a hair dryer to activate it.
  • For hair with huge volume, use a hair mousse.


For hair with volume that isn’t going to drop during the day, consider using a light hair styling product.

  • Always layer the hair product.
  • Start with a small amount of product and add more if you need to.
  • Keep on adding product in layers until you’re happy.


Once you’ve created the perfect hairstyle, you want to ensure that it’s not going to move. Use a hairspray to lock your style into place.

Evenly coat the surface of your hair with a strong/freeze hold hairspray.
Don’t over-wet the hair. It should be a light mist.
Don’t touch your hair until the hairspray has dried.


It’s important to be realistic when it comes to your hair. Sure, you want to keep your hair up all day, but it’s not going to if it’s too long or too thick.

source: Man4Himself