Rules to Grow and Train Your Beard

beard rules

A beard is a sign of distinction that can accentuate your masculine facial features and make you stand out. Also, a properly trained beard can be a chick magnet. Women rate men with beards as significantly more attractive than clean shaven men.

However, growing a beard is actually a science. Not all men have the genes required to grow a beard. If you are one of the lucky guys, follow these simple rules to properly grow and tame your beard:

Maintain proper nutrition, believe it or not, what you eat affects the quality and thickness of your beard. If you want your beard to be an abundant one, make sure you eat the right stuff. You will need:

  • Vitamin A to keep hair follicles hydrated (eggs, cheese, liver, carrots)
  • Vitamin C to keep your skin healthy (orange juice, potatoes, tomatoes)
  • Vitamin E to help with blood flow (nuts and beans)
  • Folic acid to promote thicker hair (whole grains, peas, nuts)

Exercise to increase testosterone, basically testosterone regulates facial hair growth. Any activities that naturally boost testosterone production can impact the growth of your beard. Weightlifting, hiking, and interval training significantly boost testosterone production. Even low intensity training -like power walking- can boost your testosterone levels.

Let it grow for a few weeks (or days if you have that kind of genes), simply let your beard grow. DO NOT TOUCH IT. Just let it be. It might look uneven and terrible at first. You might be tempted to shave it all together. Resist the temptation, it will be worth it.

Domesticate your wild beard. Once your beard is at a certain length, make sure to tame it by trimming wild hair and using a natural beard conditioning product. A professional barber can help you even out your beard and give it the right shape based on your facial structure.