Top Benefits of Waxing

waxing for men

The idea that waxing is just for women is now history. So, why are more men embracing body waxing? One obvious reason is that having clean and smooth skin gives a man a sophisticated look – a youthful effect especially for the fashion-conscious.

5 health benefits to waxing

  1. Less body odor – Body hair absorbs perspiration. Even after a quick shower with anti-bacterial soaps, odor will build up again. But if the hair is removed, body odor cannot be absorbed and retained. This is beneficial during social interactions.
  2. Better performance – Full body wax male swimmers and athletes get help in their performance in sports. It is also easier to dry off after a swim.
  3. Waxing removes dead skin cells – The result is a more attractive and younger-looking rejuvenated skin. Most waxes these days already come with moisturizers to help in softening the skin prior to removal. Waxing uproots the entire hair down to its root preventing stubbles to occur so there is a lesser chance of ingrown hair to appear leading to infection.
  4. Hair regrowth will be finer – After waxing, hair regrows as softer and finer hair. With regular body wax for men, they will notice that hair growth will diminish slowly which may eventually lead to less hair growth. The constant waxing weakens the hair follicles and reduces its viability.
  5. Less pain – The more you wax, the less pain you will feel. After regular waxing sessions with expert therapists, the pain will gradually decrease.

Don’t Attempt To Do It Yourself

In the long run, waxing professionally will help save you time and keep you smooth- looking for longer. After waxing, hair growth starts anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, since it removes hair from the roots giving it more time to regrow. You will have longer lasting silky smooth hair-free skin. Just make sure you don’t do the full body wax male yourself, this is not something you want to try at home.