Hair Care Tips For Men For A Stress Free Summer

  • Get a new haircut. If that seems too much at least trim your hair. That will reduce your split ends and frizzy hair.
  • A hot oil massage 30 minutes prior to washing your hair is a great way to replenish your hair. We recommend coconut, olive or avocado oil.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Do not wash your hair everyday. If it gets too oily or greasy, wash it every alternate day.
  • Dry wash your hair with some baby talc. Sprinkle some on your hair and comb it out. This will reduce the oil in your hair thus prolonging the need for quick wash.
  • Avoid too much product, whether it is shampoo and conditioner or hair gel.
  • Use natural products and avoid the chemical products.
  • Do not wash your hair with water which is too hot. Go for lukewarm water.
  • Condition your tips and not your roots because the roots get more greasy and oily but the tips get dry and frizzy.
  • Make sure that in the end, after conditioning your hair you wash your hair with cold water. This will close your pores, cool your head and make sure you do not loose any weak hair when you comb.
  • Use a comb with wide tooth. Avoid the use of hair brush on wet hair.
  • After washing your hair the first time you comb it should be in the opposite direction, that is work your way up from the nape of your neck towards your forehead. This causes blood to circulate in your scalp region.
  • Avoid the use of hair dryers. The heat of the dryer is not what you need right now.
  • Do not leave your home immediately after washing your hair, it is so hot outside that you will perspire and it will soil your still wet hair.
  • To protect your hair from harmful UV rays of the sun use a sunscreen.
  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight. Wear a hat, cap or bandanna.
  • If you have long hair, tie it up in a man bun or a pony.
  • If you are going to swim this summer, like at a pool party or a club then please rinse your hair with water and apply a coconut serum before stepping in the pool. This will protect your hair from the chlorine water.