Everything You Need To Know About Waxing

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Torso hair can be uncomfortable anytime of year. However, with winter approaching we start thinking of sweaters that mysteriously suck hairs up into the weave, giving you unpleasant tweaks when you reach for anything or pull your sleeve up. Goosebumps that make your hair prickle and catch on your shirt. Maybe you’ve tried shaving, but find that the sharp ends of your hairs are scratchy and even easier to snag on clothing. Waxing will address these issues by decreasing the hair you have and giving you softer regrowth.

Why Waxing for Men?

Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it removes the hair from the skin instead of just cutting off the part that is exposed. This means you don’t have to wax as often as you would shave. Because of the decreased frequency, waxing can be better for your skin depending on your skin type, products used, and frequency With waxing, regrown hair is finer and softer than sharp-ended shaved hairs. Softer hairs are less scratchy and less likely to catch on a thick sweater. Waxing instead of just cutting the hair also means no stubble, so it has a subtler appearance than bumpy dark stubble that stands out on your arms and back.

Why High End Barbershop?

When considering waxing, especially if it’s your first time, it’s vital that you go to a professional like those at High End Barbershop. A professional waxing is both more comfortable and safer. Trained professionals are able to prevent skin damage and irritation that might open skin up to infection. They are able to effectively get hair out at root instead of just snapping it off as amateurs might. On top of that, they’ll have far more accuracy and work much faster, saving you valuable time and making your possible discomfort as brief as possible.

Tips and Other Things to Know:

  • Tell the person you will be working with about any allergies you have, medications you may be taking, or medical conditions that could cause extra irritation, a skin reaction, or skin fragility.
  • If it’s a large area, the waxed area may be uncomfortable for a day or two and you might get ingrown hairs or other bumps depending on your skin.
  • Don’t try a waxing for the first time right before a big event, give it a trial run ahead of time.
  • Don’t shave your body before going to get waxed: the wax needs to be able to grab onto the hair! ½” – ¼ “ long hairs should work fine.