Haircut Terminology Explained

Haircut terminology explained

Taper vs Fade

Most barbers use the terms taper or fade interchangeably, but the truth is, there is a slight difference between a fade and taper. A fade haircut blends down to the skin, while a taper doesn’t end as short.

Taper vs Fade

Quiff vs Pompadour

Both the quiff and pompadour are classic hairstyles that have been transformed to fit modern trends. As two of the most popular hair trends of recent years, these voluminous hairstyles are very similar and frequently confused. Both involve brushing up the front of the hair to add volume.

The difference between the quiff and pompadour is that, while a quiff is brushed forwards to create airy and light volume, the pompadour is brushed backwards to make the hair denser and more sleek. Although the difference is subtle, the styling techniques are distinct and unique.


The neckline of your haircut is pivotal to your overall look. This detail is often overlooked, but can make a real difference to the overall style of your hair. Fortunately, guys have a lot of options when it comes to blending the hair in the back into their necklines.

The 3 main choices are blocked or square, rounded, and tapered or faded. For a gradual transition that isn’t too abrupt, we recommend men’s necklines either be rounded or tapered for a cleaner finish.

Neckline Taper Haircut


source:  Men’s Hairstyle