Common Haircut Terminology

Before you can describe the haircut you want, you’ll first have to learn a few barber terms. Barbers have their own language, and if you want to get a good haircut, you’ll have to learn the basics of men’s hairdressing terminology.

Haircut Numbers

Haircut numbers, also known as guard sizes, represent the different lengths of hair cut by hair clippers. Hair clipper sizes range from a number 1 to a number 8 – shortest to longest. Since most guys get a fade or undercut on the sides, knowing your clipper guard sizes will come in handy when requesting a fade and telling your barber how short you want it. Similarly, hair or balding clippers can also be used when asking for a buzz cut or crew cut.

Here’s a quick reference for the different haircut lengths.

  • Number 1: One-eighth of an inch
  • Number 2: One-quarter of an inch
  • Number 3: Three-eighths of an inch
  • Number 4: Half an inch
  • Number 5: Five-eighths of an inch
  • Number 6: Three-quarters of an inch
  • Number 7: Seven-eighths of an inch
  • Number 8: An inch

Which haircut number you pick will depend on how short you want your sides and back cut. And for a low-maintenance buzz cut, we recommend you choose a number 1, 2 or 3.

source:  Men’s Hair Now