What To Do With Your Beard At Thanksgiving

Tricks to Eating and Drinking with a Beard – A Thanksgiving Day Crisis for Bearded Men

A lot of people do not realize there are certain things to consider when you have a beard that most without a beard will not. Having a beard is not simply just not shaving. As most bearded guys will tell you, it is so much simpler to roll out of bed and run a razor across your face then to have to primp, trim, and style you’re your facial hair every day. Maybe that is why No-shave November is only one month long. You need to consider style choices that will help you to look your best, as well as proper etiquette and hygiene to keep your beard as clean as possible. Although it may sound easy to those beardless counterparts, it is quite the opposite. The reality is that if you are not careful, you will end up with a dirty beard. Now with the holiday season looming around the corner, many men out there may have things on their mind other then engagement rings and Christmas gifts.

Pull It Back

If you have a long beard you can try to gather the hair together and pull it back. This hack involves gathering the hair together as best as you can and tying it in a ponytail. This may not be the most elegant way to eat your turkey dinner, however, this may just be the trick you need; out of sight, out of mind, right? However, this also is dependent on the type of beard you have and how much you can actually grab to put together in a ponytail. If you do not have a ponytail to use you can always try to tuck it in your shirt like a napkin.

Use A Napkin

This approach may sound silly or quite obvious, but it is a well-known fact that most men do not usually like to use a napkin; that is what their pant-legs, and back pockets are for. However, if you cannot get your leg up high enough to wipe your mouth and beard, maybe a napkin is just the right thing to use.

Use a Spoon Or A Fork

Now I know some men out there are resembled as Cave men and love to use your hands. However, the Byzantine Empire made this great invention that came out around the Fourth Century called a Fork.  Using cutlery will make eating food easier. Short of trying to pick an entire turkey up with your Buck knife and putting it to your mouth, using cutlery will aid in avoiding crumbs and other food bits from breaking off onto the beard. Additionally, using a spoon to eat mashed potatoes will help to keep the gravy from dripping down your face and onto your beard, thwarting the issue of smearing gravy in your beard when using a napkin.

Wax Your Mustache

This will not help you to avoid food spillage, but it may keep those pesky whiskers at bay. If you use Mustache Wax to keep the sides of your beard and mustache away from your lip you will be less likely to need to scoop beard and mustache out of your mouth along with droplets of food.

Use a Straw

Use a straw when drinking liquids. Now I know there is a stigma out there that says, only women use straws. However, your Macho bearded brethren will understand. However, if this Thanksgiving a beardless man tries to comment, just politely point to the other end of the room and inform them that the “Kiddie Table” is over there.

source:  The Beard Struggle