Top Beard Trends for 2019

Top 5 Beard Trends

If you want to make sure that you look your best, pay attention to next year’s beard trends! While more will unfold, keep your beard care routine up now- including the daily use of beard oil- so that you can be ready to embrace the different styles! Here are the top five beard trends- and don’t worry- there’s a trend in here for every hair type and thickness.

  • Designer stubble: The designer stubble beard is set to be the #1 beard trend for 2019. Designer stubble is a short, stubbly beard style that is fairly easy to grow for most men. All that’s needed to maintain this style is some trimmers and high quality beard oil!
  • Balbo: The balbo beard is a short or medium-length beard with no sideburns and a floating mustache. It’s also referred to as a short boxed beard.
  • Hollywoodian: The Hollywoodian beard, popularized by many male celebrities, is a mustache connected to a medium to long-length beard with no sideburns and a shaved neck.
  • Circle beard: The circle beard is the most traditional and classic type of beard. A type of goatee, the circle features a connecting chin strap and mustache that create a circle around the mouth.
  • Garibaldi beard: The garibaldi beard has been growing in popularity in recent years and is expected to be just as popular in 2019. It is simply a full beard that is rounded at the bottom, as opposed to being untamed. Beard care and a nourishing beard oil are crucial when it comes to this style, as it’s a lot of hair to maintain.